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Verified Player Program

Since launch, GamCheck has always stuck to its principles of providing honest and up-to-date information on licensed UK casinos. Helping us achieve this goal is a group of 50 Verified Players who give feedback when they gamble online.

Feedback from Verified Players include customer support interactions, game-play experience and most importantly withdrawal times - the time it takes from pressing the withdraw button to the money actually reaching your bank or digital wallet!

GamCheck reward Verified Players every time they submit feedback via their secure online portal. Each Verified Player can earn up to £160 per month once they are accepted into the program.

There are NO membership fees to be part of our Verified Player Program.

Guaranteed Reward (per submission):

Withdrawal time for a GamCheck listed casino: £9.50
Player experience review + star rating for a GamCheck listed casino: £5
Customer service response time for a GamCheck listed casino: £3

You will receive a £1.50 bonus on top of every submission made if you joined the reviewed casino through GamCheck.

All rewards are capped at £160 per Verified Player, per calender month.

join the program

Join the Program

There are very limited places available (maximum 50 at any one time), occasionally members drop out of the program for various reasons throughout the year, so you are welcome to add your name to the waiting list and we'll be in touch.


For consideration into the program, you must be a UK resident aged 18 or over, understand that gambling involves risk, set limits and gamble responsibly and provide 100% honesty (really, really important) on all your player feedback.

frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the program open to everyone?
As long as you are of legal age and a UK resident, then you can contact us for consideration to join the program. Whether you low-roll or high-roll, the program is suitable for all real-money players regardless of the type of casino games you play.

Is it real money I earn?
Absolutely. There are no wagering requirements and the money is sent straight to your digital wallet in Pounds Sterling every month you submit feedback.

How do I get paid?
All Verified Players are paid by the 15th of the following month to their nominated PayPal or Skrill account. Unfortunately, there is no option for wire/cheque payment.

Do I have to join casinos through GamCheck to be eligible?
No. As long as the casino is listed on our site you can submit player feedback. You could have joined a casino over 10 years ago and we will still pay you. However, if you join the casino through us, you will receive a extra £1.50 on top each time!

How can you trust my casino withdrawal times?
We rarely ask for proof, but it is vital you screenshot all withdrawals which show timestamps of when the withdrawal was requested and when payment was sent.

Do you recommend casinos for me to play?
All Verified Players receive a weekly newsletter with new casinos for consideration and if we require player feedback for a specific casino, it will be listed on the secure online portal after you log in. There is no obligation to deposit or review them.

Why are my earnings capped at £160 per month?
A small number of Verified Players gamble every day and play at dozens of casinos, so to make it fair for everyone, the most you can earn in a calender month is £160.

Is there a minimum number of submissions I need to make each month?
We understand that some months you may gamble less or lady luck may not be on your side, but we look for players who can submit at least 3-5 withdrawals monthly.

Do you sell my feedback and/or personal data to third parties?
Never. All your feedback is used exclusively on our web site(s) and will not be sold onto other affiliate web sites. However, you are free to post the data yourself on forums etc. Many of our Verified Players already do this.

What if I have a problem or need support?
A busy forum is available to all Verified Players where there is always someone around to help. If not, you can contact us seven days a week via phone or e-mail.